About Me

I am known as Array, I am a Mechanical Engineering student. I enjoy skateboarding, biking, surfing the web and play video games (including emulation). I tinker a lot with electronics and tend to jailbreak and homebrew them whenever possible (I can't live wit stock software). I use Arch Linux (its not hard I promise), and do programming as a hobby. I'm not a developer, just a person with a lot of time. I'm pretty skilled at using the terminal (on a Linux system lol). I created this website and it's source code is open. My website is my longest running project and I constantly update it with new content (come back later!). I set up, configured, host, and operate this website, and all of its related services (I have physical access to the server). I support FOSS (Free [as in freedom not price], and Open Sourced Software), value privacy and want a decentralized internet.

You can view my desktop rice here.

You can view my blog here, this is a space where I ramble about stuff and write dump information I believe is important or interesting. I did not code the blog site, instead i used HTML5UP's Publii template (this is why I didn't include it in my site's source code).