What is Matrix?

Matrix is a decentralized communication method (exited beta testing in 2019). Due to its decentralized nature its best to create accounts on homeserver that aren't the official one (https://matrix.org). I created my own instance of the Matrix Synapse server software using docker and ansible. If you would like to create an account on a different server, you can check out some here. I recommend using the Element client, although others can still be used too.

You can create an account on my homeserver using this link: https://matrix.arrayinamatrix.xyz

My username: @array_in_a_matrix:arrayinamatrix.xyz

For server updates please, join the room: #homeserver-updates:arrayinamatrix.xyz


We prohibit any malicious activities on our services, which include but not limited to:

Rules may change without notice. By registering on our servers, you agree to abide to the above rules. We will cooperate with the Canadian police department if deemed necessary.

List of (lists of) Public homeservers:

We are not affiliated or endorse any of the sites, site-owners, or homeservers in the list above.